[Seminar] Perfect, Immortal Machines: The Future Of Automated Game Design

The Game AI Group at Queen Mary University of London has the pleasure to receive Dr. Micheal Cook for a seminar talk at 4pm on March 14th.
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Title: Perfect, Immortal Machines: The Future Of Automated Game Design
Speaker: Dr Michael Cook (http://www.gamesbyangelina.org/)
Time: 4pm-5pm (GMT), Mar 14, 2018
Room: Graduate Center 201, EECS, QMUL
Coffee/tea/cakes will be served at 3:30pm in the hub, wine and nibbles will be served in the hub after the seminar.

It’s a golden age for AI in games – they can play them, they can generate content for them, they can even design them. But what does this really mean for games culture? Is AI doomed to live in a dark room and only come out when we ask it to play Go?
In this talk, computational creativity researcher Michael Cook talks about the history of the future of automated game design; his latest work on his game designing AI ANGELINA; and explains how the future of AI isn’t a captive algorithm in a box, but an independent digital creative, with its own agenda, its own dreams, and its own Twitch channel.

Slides: http://www.gamesbyangelina.org/talks/qmul.pdf

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